Bringing you a hand crafted work of art

Kaleidoscope Urns

Forevurn was created when we were developing a solid gold Kaleidoscope that a friend of ours had remarked that it looked like a smaller version of an urn. With that spark of the idea we decided to focus some attention on creating an actual urn Kaleidoscope. We then decided to create a stainless steel cremation ash vault with a cradle on top for a kaleidoscope that would be very special and unique. The large optical chamber of the Kaleidoscope, which can be opened to place objects in, became a perfect time capsule for holding truly memorable keepsake items from a departed loved one that would remain with their cremation ashes for generations to come. 

In searching the universe of available Urns we saw no other urn which could be truly personalized in this fashion. The marrying together of an urn and a kaleidoscope allows for the combination of both a vessel to carry forward remains as well as bring the appreciation, harmony and joy which kaleidoscopes allow you to experience. 

Our Mission

Forevurn is committed to bringing you a hand crafted work of art that your family will cherish Forevurn Ever.

Our Vision

It is our hope that the gifts of this experience will always bring you beautiful and everlasting memories.