Bringing you a hand crafted work of art

Kaleidoscope Urns

ForevUrn was born out of our lifelong passion for kaleidoscopes. We always loved the concept of being able to put our own personal items in the object chamber and we realized that these keepsake items not only created a beautiful, uplifting images, but that they essentially turned the kaleidoscopes into a perfect time capsule.

In searching the universe of available cremation urns, we noticed there were no other urns which could be truly personalized with keepsake items from a departed loved one, and we decided to make our own urn by marrying a kaleidoscope with a cremation box. This combination of both a vessel to carry forward the remains for generations to come, the urn, and a harmonious, joyful time capsule, the kaleidoscope you yourself could personalize, become a true gift which we knew we had to share with the world.


Kaleidoscopes allow you to experience ever changing images which bring calm and serenity with their reflected patterns. They constantly rearrange themselves like each new day, revealing images of symmetry and endless possibilities that remind us that our loved ones are sometimes just a turn away. It is our hope that the gifts of this experience will always bring you brilliant and everlasting memories.

These urns are not a static resting place, they are an interactive art object you will be proud to own and share with family and friends. They bring light, movement and wonder where once it was thought there was only sorrow. Celebrate your loved one’s life by coming together, finding cherished items that tell the story of your departed loved one, place them in the object chamber, and know that for generations to come your family will have a treasured time capsule that is so much more than an urn.

Our Mission

Forevurn is committed to bringing you a hand crafted work of art that your family will cherish Forevurn Ever.

Our Vision

It is our hope that the gifts of this experience will always bring you beautiful and everlasting memories.

Kaleidoscope quotes by Cozy Baker, kaleidoscope enthusiast and Brewster Society Founder

Yes, kaleidoscopes captivate everyone. A person's age, race, sex, or skill does not seem to matter, but rather the possession of a sense of wonder and a delight in beauty.
A new dawn is always breaking inside a kaleidoscope...Listening with an open heart enables one to discover that each kaleidoscope is a little world unto itself where one can keep dreaming dreams...reflect on beauty repeating itself over and over again and know that for each ending there is a new beginning.
To me kaleidoscopes are divine inspiration: they resonate to the music in my soul and the imagery is exactly what my heart yearns to see. I view the kaleidoscopes image as a warm embrace- one more colorful expression of God’s love towards all creation.