Forevurn for pets keep your memories close to your heart, in a way that no other pet urn can. Let the simple and engaging images carry you through the process of healing, to a place where your friends unconditional love can be honored nobly, forever.

There is no better way to honor this emotional bond than by the lasting tribute of an urn that transcends your memories into an art form that honors this emotional bond. Any and all of the Forevurn sets would be a perfect way to remember your friend forever.

pRICE: $740.00

Forevurn PET SET

Aluminum (Powder Coated)

The joy that pets provide their companions is immeasurable. The loss of a pet can cause considerable grief, especially with children.

At forevurn, we hope that personalizing a Pet Forevurn with cherished items can help turn a period of loss into a kaleidoscope of joyous memories and beautiful images.

Kaleidoscope Color Options


Kaleidoscope alone

pRICE: $380.00